Leo Pitkänen, CEO MHT

Leo Pitkänen has long and diverse experience in hotel, catering and travel industry, since year 1987. He has worked as an entrepreneur and CEO in various businesses, including Sirkan Tähti Oy, Ylläs Ski Oy Finland, and Lapin Lomahotellit Oy. He founded and created the Lapland Hotels chain and exited successfully in year 2005.

Leo Pitkänen has also taken part in the consultation and founding of various Lapland-based tourism businesses. He has a comprehensive understanding of this kind of business activity, and he dominates the operative processes as well as the integration of sales and marketing in this field. He knows how to transform an organisation model into something functional and reliable.


Minna Kurttila, Consultant, MSc

Minna Kurttila is experienced in travelling business development. She has worked as supervisor, CEO, as well as Project Manager in different organisations (Lapin Markkinointi Oy, Finnish Consulting Group Oy ja Oulun kaupunginteatteri Oy).


Mika Meriläinen, Consultant

Mika is professional in travel and marketing business. He has experienced world of entrepreneur and have had role as manager in different companies. He has strong knowledge from ski resort, hotel and catering business.


Janne Pitkänen, IT Consultant, MSc

Janne Pitkänen is responsible for the IT, remote working solutions and use of IT tools in marketing. These include, for instance: Booking system and integrated remote access for Lapin Huippuhotellit. Integrating Google Apps and Office 365 to enable email and remote working for sereral companies and consultation in electronic marketing taken part in the creating visittaivalkoski-portal as well as developing visitkalajoki-portal.


Aleksi Pitkänen, Digital Marketing Consultant

Aleksi's expertise are Digital Marketing, Search engine optimization and Marketing Plans. As there is currently lot of different Digital Marketing tools and options available it is more crucial to focus the ones that suits you the best. Contact us and let's make Marketing Strategy together.

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The main objective of our consultation is to create a reliable and functional business model that adheres to the clients' desires and visions. We aim to provide a holistic service that consists of the following areas of interest.

Operative business model concept

  • Owner-based leadership
  • Operative leadership, planning and monitoring
  • Personnel resourcing and work time plans based on the needs of the business
  • Budgeting and monitoring systems
  • Optimising efficient production according to mutually decided models
  • Purchases and logistics
  • Quality inspection

Operative sales

  • Investigating the demands of current and future customers by prediction
  • Creating a distinct profile for travel products, based on current and desired demands
  • Conducting and applying marketing ja communication plans
  • Organising product development
  • Packaging the products and planning programme and product modules
  • Developing and utilising CMR in product development
  • Finding and utilising proper distribution channels
  • Optimising logistic cooperation

Details to be taken into account

  • Product development: selection of products, pricing for target groups (are the products appropriate for the target market, is the price cost-effective, possible product development measures to be taken)
  • Enhancing sales: new sales or marketing materials? Where and how to market the product?
  • Distribution channels: how to get the product to the market, choosing the right distributors
  • Knowing the market: competition in the market, which markets to aim to?
  • Cooperative marketing: which businesses and regional organisations to cooperate with?
  • Quality: level of customer service, sufficient language skills, how to deal with client care, issues with quality within production
  • Monitoring: how to gain feedback and information from clients?

Conferences and workshops

  • We also offer versatile conference and workshop facilities.
  • As well as rent cabins